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Phone: +49 5121/512830

Phone: +49 5121/512830


WUFLEX chemical pumps

Our ambition: impeccable quality, courteous service, fair prices.

Welcome to the webpage of your supplier and manufacturer of acid and chemical resistant WUFLEX pumps, magnetic drive pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical centrifugal pumps and filter units. We provide you more than off-the-shelf-products, we find the best solution for your application requirements among our chemical pumps and acid resistant filters or we specify and design a tailor-made solution based on your individual needs. We will be happy to advise you, to present you our ideas and to provide a quote without engagement for your individual conveying task. Our advise is individual and reliable.

WUFLEX chemical pumps transport reliably corrosive and abrasive media, acids, alkalis, mixtures, sludge and other chemicals. For decades, they prove its worth even under difficult working conditions as for electroplating, chemical engineering, water and wastewater technology purposes.

Benefit from our 50 years of experience. Take advantage of our competence: What can we do for you?

Our powerful WUFLEX pumps are self-priming, insensitive to soft contaminant particles, have dry running capabilities and static seals. The positive displacement or rotary lope pump is independent of the direction of rotation, suitable for mobile application and an optimal all-rounder for aggressive and challenging conveying tasks.


WUFLEX vertical centrifugal pumps are upright and solid centrifugal pumps transporting fluids out of unpressurised vessels. The WUFLEX vertical centrifugal pump runs 100 % contact-free and low-wear and is thereby insensitive to deposits and contaminant particles of the conveyed medium.

WUFLEX vertical-centrifugal-pump

Hermetically sealed and absolutely leak-free: Our efficient WUFLEX magnetic drive pumps with large bearings allow to transport fluids safely and reliably even under demanding conditions.

WUFLEX Magnetkreiselpumpen

Matching our chemical pump range, we offer robust and user-friendly cartridge and bag filter in different designs. They are perfectly suitable for filtration and circulation of aggressive media.

WUFLEX filter

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