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Phone: +49 5121/512830


Technical data WUFLEX chemical pumps


As the pumped fluid is coming in contact only with pump bellow outer surface and pump housing, the following materials are available for the above parts:

Body block:
  • Polyethylen (max. 80 ºC)
  • Polypropylene (max. 90 ºC)
  • PVDF (max. 120 ºC)
Pump bellow:
  • EPDM (max. 100 ºC)
  • CSM (max. 100 ºC)
  • FKM (max. 120 ºC)
  • NBR (max. 80 ºC)

Pump flange and cover plate are made from corrosionsproof steel casting. The enclosed design itself provides the best possible protection of shaft and bearing against extrinsic factors.


Drive speed of all types of pumps to be 1500 rpm, the required power consumption amounting to 0.25 kW for type No 5 - 18 and 0.37 kW for No 35.

WUFLEX pumps are available with polyphase induction motor and alternating-current motor.

Maintenance and Mounting

Rotation of the WUFLEX pump head

WUFLEX pumps achieve their nominal performance in both directions of rotation. The pump head can be mounted on the motor at an inclination of 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° (see figure).

Rotation of the WUFLEX pump head

Maintenance requirements are limited, in general, to pumpbellow inner surface lubrication.

The pump bellow is subject to natural wear and shall, therefore, be replaced from time to time according to the chemical and/or mechanical service conditions. For this purpose special tooling is not required. Replacement will be done withhin a few minutes.

The pump bellow is available in two sizes, one of them being suitable for pump type No 5 to 18 and the other for type No 35. As many other parts are designed to suit several pump types, your stock will be held as small as possible.

For additional information about operation and maintenance please refer to the corresponding data sheet.


Click here to download the WUFLEX pump data sheet as PDF file.