Hauling capacity of WUFLEX-Pumps

The WUFLEX-pump is available as NF5, NF10, NF18, NF35 and NF70.:

Hauling capacity of WUFLEX-Pumps

The values as shown in above diagram are average values plotted for water at room temperature with EPDM pump bellows. Other values may be obtained when using other materials. While in continuous operation the pumps should work in the dark area.

WUFLEX-pumps achieve their nominal performance in both directions of rotation.

The WUFLEX-pump NF 70 consists of 2 pumps NF 35, mounted with one motor (0,55 kW), the suction and pressure stubs of which are combined in one connection. The eccentrics of the pumps are working 180 staggered to each other. This provides a very uniform flow of conveyed material which with other rotary pumps of the same principle is not achieved with such a performance.

You can download the data sheet as a pdf file here.

The photo shows the NF70, NF35, NF18, NF10, as well as housing and bellow pump in different designs: